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*Good evening.Welcome to violin@web. *** *This month is 385 years after VITALI, Giovanni Battista's birth, 364 years after CORELLI, Arcangelo's birth, 142 years after KREISLER, Fritz's birth[2/2], 131 years after SAMMONS, Albert's birth[2/23], 116 years after HEIFETZ, Jascha's birth[2/2], 103 years after ODNOPOSOFF, Ricardo's birth[2/24], 100 years after BUSTABO, Guilla's birth[2/25], 86 years after KOBAYASHI, Takeshi's birth[2/11], 36 years after j@m's birth[2/8], 247 years after TARTINI, Giuseppe's death[2/26], 120 years after BAZZINI, Antonio's death[2/10], 59 years after SITKOVETSKY, Julian's death[2/23], 44 years after SZIGETI, Joseph's death[2/19], 32 years after ZIMBALIST, Efrem's death[2/22].
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Gifted Violinists Followed by a Tragic Fate
expressing respect to the gifted player who followed tragic fate.
The History of Recording
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